3 Reasons to choose fragrance-free products for your skin

3 Reasons to choose fragrance-free products for your skin

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Though you might not consider yourself as someone with sensitive skin, you should always check out the ingredients before trying out a new skincare product. Understanding ingredient lists and what’s safest for your skin can get pretty tricky if you’re not sure what to look out for but taking time to learn can help you better determine the cause of skin reactions when they do happen. Review three benefits of choosing unscented skincare products below!

Reduce the risk of inflammation and skin irritation

For those with inflammatory skincare problems such as rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, using products with added fragrances can lead to severe reactions and temporary skin damage. Fragrance allergies usually are typically indicated by small, itchy, red bumps or rashes and products with hidden ingredients can lead to severe flare-ups.

Prevent hyperpigmentation

If you struggle with removing acne scars and fading dark spots, heavily scented products probably aren’t good picks for your skincare regimen. For those with hyperpigmentation and fragrance allergies, post-inflammatory scarring and blemishes may result from harmful products—and this kind of damage to the complexion can take months to fade.

Protect your skin barrier

A compromised skin barrier leads to extreme dryness, rough patches, and increased sensitivity. This outermost layer of skin is incredibly important and helps you keep your face plump, smooth, and feeling healthy. Heavily fragranced products can make active breakouts harder to manage and lead to oxidative damage, which can speed up the progression of noticeable signs of aging.

Shop skincare like a beauty guru

When it comes to keeping your skin glowy and blemish-free, you can always trust that our products are safe for your skin. You can use our ultra-gentle and hydrating Blass Balm all over your face—even on sensitive areas with no worries of causing any skin damage or irritation. Our Blass Balm is made with all natural and fragrance-free ingredients that can also help with treating everything from hyperpigmentation to scarring. Shop our full product line for more products to help you maintain a healthy, radiant complexion skin care.

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