Is vibration good for the eyes?

Is vibration good for the eyes?

When it comes to your eyes, we are told how it is the most sensitive area on our face and to proceed with caution when apply any product to that area. With the eye massager becoming one of the most popular beauty tools, there is any curiosity and question circulating how beneficial these devices are to our eyes. So, count on us to get you the scoop!

Benefits of vibrating eye massager

Unlike a face massager such as a Gua Sha, used to penetrate facial products into the skin, the eye massager is designed to target acupoints to alleviate tension and reduce headaches. With the same objective to keep your skin and eye area looking youthful, while fighting wrinkles, reducing the appearance of dark circles and relaxing the muscles for a much needed night rest. The vibration produces collagen and elasticity to reduce sagging skin or “baggy eyes”.

Is it safe to use

Created with 5 massage modes featuring vibration, heat compression and air pressure, you can adjust the eye massager to any setting that feels most comfortable to you. We suggest getting yourself familiar with the modes before going to sleep so you do not feel any discomfort throughout the night, as well as adjusting the head strap so it is not too tight but snug enough to your liking. The vibration stimulation relieves any visual fatigue or eye strain.

Tips on how to use it effectively

Get the most out of the eye massager by wearing it regularly, whether that is in the morning or at night. Proceed with any night or morning routine and get yourself comfortable either in your bed or couch, for a quick restoration session we recommend 15 mins. Over time the area surrounding your eyes will seem more brighten and healthier, proven to be good for your eye’s health. We advise that if you have any serve eye condition to please consult with your eye doctor before purchasing our Smart Eye Massager!

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