The Roller + Gua Sha Set: The Perfect Duo

The Roller + Gua Sha Set: The Perfect Duo

woman using Blass Gua Sha on cheek

The staple beauty tool

The Roller + Gua Sha Set has always been the secret staple in the beauty and skincare industry after regaining popularity a few years ago, the massaging beauty tool is used to smooth, contour, and de-puff your skin. The Gua Sha massage technique originates from traditional Chinese medicine, using healing stones to roll and scraping on your skin to reduce inflammation when sick. Studies have shown that using the Gua Sha reduces pain, balance hormone levels, and boost blood circulation/flow. With that in mind, we created our Roller + Gua Sha Set to promote a healthy way to detoxify your face and tone your neck using a healing stone - the rose quartz, which symbolizes peace, love and tranquility for self-care.

Reap the benefits

The at-home beauty tool is so much more than another beauty tool; proven to increase blood circulation, aid with lymphatic drainage (moving the tool in a circular on your face to move the muscles and lymph fluid), and also product adsorption, which allows the product to penetrate in your skin. The Gua Sha’s smooth-edged tool stroked on the skin stimulates healing while designed to sculpt the muscles in your face as the roller lifts and firms the skin without tugging it. Also, using the set will reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation and anti-aging, producing collagen. As you stay consistent you will start to see more definition and radiance, as well as being more mindful with positive self-love affirmations during your massage therapy.     

How to enhance your self-care routine with massage techniques

It is important to know how to target the desired area of your face with the massage techniques, each sculpting motion helps with toning, lifting, and firming your face and neck. We recommend that you start with a fresh and clean face then moisturize using our Blass Balm with ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Rosemary. Here are some of our techniques that you can follow in your skincare routine to achieve your desired results:  

To smooth wrinkles & lift eyebrows: go only in an upward motion on your forehead to lift and smooth out the skin for a few moments then horizontal strokes across the brows to release tension.  

To reduce dark circles and de-puff your under eyes: preferably use the roller for under your eyes, starting by your nose, stroke to your temple and back. This will soothe and de-puff, repeat 3 times on each eye.  

To lift and contour your cheeks bones, jawline and chin: start inward to stroke outward moving in that singular motion on each side for a minute or two. 

To firm and tone your neck: glide the Gua Sha downward from your jawline to the base of your neck bone in that same motion for a few moments, while slightly tilting your head back.   

How to do gua sha massage infographic.

For a cooling effect place the Roller + Gua Sha Set in the refrigerator before using it to aid in reducing inflammation. We suggest using the Roller + Gua Sha Set about 2 to 3 times a week for about 5 minutes. Using it in the morning is a perfect way to de-puff and energize the skin while using it at night will relax the skin and release any tension for the day. By staying consistent, you should start to notice visible results within just about 6-8 weeks.   

Blass Beauty also offers our modern 3 in 1 Electric Gua Sha, which is a unique microcurrent facial toning tool similar to the Roller + Gua Sha Set, with its combination of vibration, heat, and LED light therapy to restore firmness to the skin, all in a matter of minutes. You can never have too many options when it comes to toning and firming your skin. 

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